We Stand Together

As a student-run live laboratory, we are committed to educating ourselves on social issues in the world, as they do affect us and other students at Marist. MPorium at Marist stands in solidarity with the black community and people of color fighting against racism and injustice. As a student led business, we are dedicated to using our platform to stay educated and provide informative resources in efforts to fight inequality. We want to take a stand and help build a better future. 



Ways to Get Involved


  • The Advancement Project (IG: @advancementproject): A multi-racial civil rights organization which provides innovative tools, resources, and strategies to support both local and national movements working towards high policy change for an equal democracy. 
  • NAACP (IG: @naacp): A civil rights organization committed to achieving equal rights for all individuals, while eliminating discrimination based on race. 
  • The Bail Project (IG: @bailproject): A nonprofit organization designed to combat mass incarceration by paying for the bail of people in need. The donations of the bail funds are reused and maximized to the fullest, due to the fact that bail money is returned at the end of a case.
  • Equal Justice Initiative (IG: @eji_org): A non-profit organization targeted towards ending mass incarceration and excessive punishment within the United States. They are committed to helping those who have been illegally convicted and unfairly sentenced due to racial injustice. 
  • The Loveland Foundation (IG: @thelovelandfoundation): This organization commits to supporting communities of color, specifically black women and girls, through therapy support. They aim to provide healing, opportunity, and empowerment to the communities that they serve.
  • The Okra Project (IG:@theokraproject): A collective that seeks to provide healthy home cooked meals, as well as resources to Black transgender people facing food insecurity.
  • Know Your Rights Camp (IG: @yourrightscamp): This organization works to educate and empower the youth of Black and Brown communities through free educational seminars.  
  • Black Table Arts (IG: @blacktablearts): A non-profit organization that cultivates spaces for Black creatives to explore the arts. In doing so, they help to build communities of color and provide opportunity to flourish. 



  • Color of Change (IG: @colorofchange): Nonprofit organization dedicated to creating campaigns to challenge the racial injustices and inequalities against black people. This organization works to develop strategies in order to combat racism, while working to build and strengthen black communities. 
  • The Conscious Kid (IG: @theconsciouskid): Nonprofit organization used to educate through a critical race lens. 
  • Black Lives Matter (IG: @blklivesmatter): An international human rights organization designed to fight violence and systemic racism against black people. Through a global network, they strive to achieve freedom, liberation, and justice for black people.