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  • Fall 2023: Dear New York

    The Fall 2023 MPorium theme is called Dear New York… every student at Marist has at least one thing in common - we all chose to go to school and live in New York. It incorporates all of the elements that we most closely associate with our view of New York through rose colored glasses.

  • Spring 2023: Sweet Escape

    Sweet Escape created a getaway from reality by allowing our customers to be immersed in their perfect summer vacation. The store was brightened with citrus fruits & vibrant colors inviting everyone to unwind and find their own personal escape.

  • Fall 2022: It's Good To Be Home

    It’s Good To Be Home created a warm and inviting space, meant to welcome customers through MPorium’s idea of Marist as a home away from home. The store was softened through a mix of natural elements and a variety of textures that brought a comforting and cozy feel. 

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