Mission Statement
MPorium is committed to making a lasting impact. Our mission is to incorporate affordable sustainable elements into our current business practices and educate our customer base on ways to live and shop more sustainably. 
Our Efforts
MAILERS: We're giving plastic a second life with our new Noissue sustainable mailers. Not only are these mailers already made from plastics previously in circulation, but they can be reused! There is a double layer of adhesive strips so the mailers can be repacked and shipped more than once. Once the mailers have fulfilled their purpose and can no longer be reused, they can be recycled to continue their life in another form.
VISUAL: Our visual merchandising team incorporated several sustainable elements into our store set. They utilized styrofoam made out of recycled plastics, dried flowers rather than fake plastic flowers, and upcycled picture frames from previous semesters. 
PRODUCTS: MPorium currently offers a select number of sustainable wellness products from makeup erasers to reusable metal straws. We are actively looking to expand our sustainable product offering. If you have any ideas or suggestions, please reach out to us on social media or email us at
GOING PAPERLESS: After collaborating with our store operations team, we have been able to significantly reduce our in-store paper consumption. We strongly encourage customers to opt for email receipts and we have modified our opening and closing procedures in order to decrease the use of paper. 

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