Intersectional Empowerment

Intersectional Empowerment is a multifaceted capping project that examines the history of fashion and analyzes the factors that have facilitated the movement towards Diversity and Inclusivity within the fashion industry. The Marist capping team is led by Katie Miale, Carolina Manco, Melanie Fedele, and Renee Racioppi. The team created an exhibition that illustrates the move towards inclusion in the fashion industry. While also creating a panel event with industry leaders on why D&I matters and marketing strategies to engage students on D&I issues.


Mission Statement: 

"The Fashion Industry has always been a powerful force for expression during almost every social movement in history. The Idea of using fashion to empower various social groups has been present for centuries, however, in the last couple of decades there has been a drastic shift towards the need for intersectional empowerment through fashion. The generation that focuses so deeply on accountability and authenticity will no longer tolerate brands that buy into traditional, patriarchal, exclusive standards. Through this multifaceted project, we plan to decipher where we have been historically, what actions have helped facilitate change in the past, where we are currently, and what the future of intersectional empowerment will look like. Wholly inclusive design will no longer be just for a niche market of designers, it will be consciously made with everyone in mind. When building a brand, creators should ask themselves if they are being inclusive of different races, genders, body types, and age groups. This is extremely important as someone's personal expression should never be limited based on what is available to them. This is a shift that is already occurring and if more people become equipped with the tools to help become aware of the severity of this issue they can assist in facilitating greater and faster change. Anyone can start the conversation, but it is who starts the movement that is more influential."


About the Product:

Each tote is a handmade, one of a kind piece made from recycled muslin. All the muslin scraps are collected from the Marist Fashion Program and then sewn together to make larger pieces. Each tote has been printed with original artwork from a Marist Student. All proceeds from these totes will benefit Dutchess Outreach - 'an advocate and provider for hunger and relief services in order to ensure that everyone, regardless of income, has access to fresh, healthy food, and the support they need.' Dutchess Outreach has altered their daily operations to be able to continue being a provider for those in need amidst the coronavirus pandemic. 



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